Call to Battle

by Jerry Ahern
Release date: 1992
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

Once vital and proud, America has been reduced to a toxic wasteland in the aftermath of World War III. Buried in the poison ruins of nuclear attack, its spirit all but destroyed, small tribes of brave nomads keep the smoldering embers of freedom alive, threatened by the brutal Soviet conquerors. Only one man dared to challenge the terrible Russian war machine: John Thomas Rourke, ex-CIA Operations Officer, weapons expert and warrior, the ultimate Survivalist.

Disaster threatens the free city of Eden. John Rourke has learned of a secret attack by Neo-Fascist commando forces to cripple the island nation power from within. Marshalling his SEAL and Tac teams, the Survivalist must lead his troops in a bloody island counterattack to repel the massive enemy offensive. Millions of lives and the destruction of America's last bastion of freedom hang in the balance as Rourke fights desperately to win the battle that could be his last!

(updated 2011-05-09)

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