War Mountain

by Jerry Ahern
Release date: 1993
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

The ravages of nuclear war have reduced America, the once-proud land of plenty, to a battle-seared landscape of blasted rubble and toxic waste. A few tattered pockets of civilization struggle against the tyranny of the totalitarian army's crushing military occupation. Only one man dares to challenge the enemies of freedom – John Thomas Rourke: ex-CIA Covert Operations Officer, weapons specialist and warrior... the ultimate Survivalist.

New forces are at work to destroy democracy in the dark halls of Deitrich Zimmer's headquarters. Obsessed with genetic experiments, the fascist leader holds Rourke's beloved Sarah hostage and threatens to kill her unless the survivalist agrees to undertake a suicide mission to retrieve Zimmer's ultimate prize: the frozen corpse of Adolf Hitler. Fighting their way across New York's poisonous wastelands, Rourke and his brave commandos must penetrate an ancient mountain complex and do battle with an underground race of high-tech warriors to seize their unholy cargo and stop Zimmer's plan to annihilate America's future forever!

(updated 2011-05-09)

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