Sacrifice (Crave #2) - Melinda Metz, Laura J. Burns 9.00   1

Gabriel and Shay are convinced that they can make their relationship work. Knowing that Shay is half-vampire, Gabriel thinks that his coven will embrace her as one of their own, but instead they view her as an abomination, a thing that doesn’t belong in either world. And they want her dead. Now Gabriel must make the ultimate decision – watch his love be killed by his coven or defy the people closest to him, the people he has spent centuries with to save her.

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Release date September 15, 2011
Details updated July 24, 2022

Crave :: Series

Series contains 2 primary works and has 2 total works.

Crave (Crave #1) N/A
Sacrifice (Crave #2) 9.00   1