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by David Rix
Release date: September 2011
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, horror, short stories

Who is Feather?

The wandering girl – the running girl. Fragmentary, oblique, a damaged product of innocence lost, on the run from a deprived childhood and eccentric domineering father. Unable to engage emotionally with all the lives she passes through, hurt, but always hoping, always moving on.

In these nine stories and novellas, David Rix weaves an enigmatic web of fictions, at the shifting intersections of Slipstream, Horror and Science Fiction. Feather lurks at the edges of some of these tales and erupts from the centre of others, but her presence and personality haunt them all, like some eerie melody played on an underwater violin.

Perhaps Feather is a symbol of something fundamentally human, an avatar for the collision of our common humanity with the insanely alien environment of the modern world. But don't expect answers. Ultimately, Feather is also the muse of David Rix himself, and in sharing her with him, you will come to savour the very act of questioning, and discover that strange world where mystery and innocence meet what we see as normal...


  • Forward: The Tiny Window on River Street
  • Yellow Eyes
  • The Angels
  • Touch Wood
  • Magpies
  • The Book of Tides
  • To Call the Sea
  • The Whispering Girl
  • Endword: The Sea Train
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