The Kalispell Run

by David Robbins
Release date: 1987
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

THE TIME: 100 years after the nuclear holocaust.

THE PLACE: What's left of America.

THE FAMILY: Isolated survivors of World War III, they huddled together for safety, surrounded by savage barbarians and bizarre, deadly mutants.

THE ALPHA TRIAD: Blade, Hickock and Gernimo were the fighting arm of The Family – hard men, skilled in staying alive, no matter what the cost.

THE MOLES: Subterranean humanoids, they ruled their underground domain with subhuman viciousness. They trapped humans and fed on their juices.

THE MISSION: Avoid the deathtraps, kill the creatures and reach Kalispell alive. Then, if they were lucky, they'd be able to steal the medical supplies hoarded there. A lot of people would die if they failed – a lot of people would die if they succeeded.

(updated 2017-01-17)

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