The Gap into Conflict: The Real Story (The Gap Series, #1)
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The Gap into Conflict: The Real Story

by Stephen R. Donaldson
Release date: 1990
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionspace opera

Stephen R. Donaldson's The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant is one of the most acclaimed fantasy series of our time, with penetrating insight into the darkest secrets of the human soul. Now Donaldson turns his storytelling mastery to an intense new five-volume series of the far future, beginning with...


Angus Thermopyle was an ore pirate and a murderer; even the most disreputable asteroid pilots of Delta Sector stayed out of his way. They muttered that everyone who had ever gotten close to Thermopyle had ended up dead – or in the lockup. But when he arrived at Mallorys Bar & Sleep with a gorgeous woman by his side, the regulars had to take notice. She was too beautiful, too obviously from a different class. Her name was Morn Hyland, and she had been a police officer – until she showed up with Thermopyle.

One person in Mallorys Bar wasn't frightened. Nick Succorso had his own ship, a sleek frigate fitted for deep space. He had a reputation as a bold pirate, but not a bloodthirsty one. And he had the kind of charisma that made men follow him and women want him. Only the scars beneath his eyes – brutal knife cuts that darkened when when his blood rose – indicated that he'd ever known defeat. You could almost feel the tension when he first saw Morn Hyland.

Everyone knew that Thermopyle and Succorso were on a collision course. What nobody suspected was how quickly it would all be over – or how decisive the victory would be. It was a common enough example of rivalry and revenge – or so everyone thought. But the real story was something entirely different... something that none of them would have believed. Here is that story, as told by one of the modern giants of imaginative fiction.

The Real Story takes us to a remarkably detailed world of faster-than-light travel (known as ”crossing the Gap”), politics and betrayal, extraordinary technological development, and a shadowy presence just outside our view. It confirms Stephen R. Donaldson's deep awareness of the wellsprings of the human condition and of the implacable conflict of good and evil within each of us. It begins the fiercest, most profound story that he has ever written.

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