Messengers in White - Ardath Mayhar

Colonized and left to its own devices, the planet on which Lehnik the horsemaster lives has, over a thousand years, reached a medieval level. Sent with an orphaned child to the hold of the Sisters of Silence, the soldier learns that their order exists to guard the very sophisticated – and perilous – weapons left to them by their Terran ancestors.

When Garrouche invades Trans-Kell, after its ruler has overcome the Order in his own country and stolen its weapons, Lehnik joins the Order in Trans-Kell. and undertakes a hazardous journey to find and destroy the devices that could wreak havoc on their world.

"One of Mayhar's best. Lehnik, a cynical professional soldier, tranforms himself by joining a contemplative order of philosopher-agents, seeking to save their civilization from advanced weaponry left by their Terran ancestors. A great premise marvelously realized!" – Robert Reginald

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Release date: 2009
Genres: science fiction
Updated: August 30, 2021