Ships and Seekers (The Exiles of Damaria #2) - Ardath Mayhar N/A

ENTHRALLING CONCLUSION OF ARDATH MAYHAR'S BEST FANTASY! On a world far, far away, the poet Riddle and his four-year old nephew, Lute, rightful heir of Damaria, along with their companions escape Lute's uncle who has seized the throne and seeks their lives. Safe in the City in the Mist, Riddle, Lute, Moonlight, Kilelli, and Gorghoz are soon rested from their harrowing journey. But, Moonlight's magical powers as a Dreamer have been weakened by the encounter with the malignant entity known as Dinorm, and she cannot go west with her companions. Riddle, Lute, and Oakbeam pay an obligatory visit to the palace of Girnig, ruler of the city, finding him hostile to all of them but bound to protect them openly by ancient treaty. There the companions meet Riddle and Lute's kinspeople, Blade, brother to King Armor, and Tulip, his daughter, who welcome them with open arms. But, Riddle also discovers that Tulip intends to marry him, whether he wants her or not. If Lute were dead, Riddle will be the King of Damaria, and she a queen. When Tulip conspires with Arken, Girnig's seneschal, to kidnap Lute and delay Riddle from leaving the city so that she can have time to seduce him, she faces execution by her own father. Without Moonlight, the companions set sail together. But a monster storm, stirred up by the evil Dinorm, wrecks them on an island where his demonic powers hold full sway. Only after death, suffering and hardship will the exiles of Damaria, find their different fates.

Category: Fantasy

Release date 2005

Details updated August 18, 2021

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The Exiles of Damaria :: Series

Series contains 2 primary works and has 3 total works.

Riddles & Dreams (The Exiles of Damaria #1) N/A
Ships and Seekers (The Exiles of Damaria #2) N/A
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