The Hour of Dreams

by Shelena Shorts
Release date: November 2012
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult

Sophie has survived her nineteenth birthday and another attempt on her life. But as the days pass, she realizes there are significant signs that her chances of reaching twenty are not in her favor. With Sophie’s resolve weakening, Wes is convinced that a different fate is locked in memories from a past lifetime. If only they can access them.

But even if Wes can convince Sophie to trust in memories that could be nothing more than dreams, neither of them will be prepared for what comes next. As their vows are unexpectedly tested, they'll be forced to utilize those memories and dreams in hopes of surpassing the ever-approaching final hour.

In this intricate conclusion to The Pace Series, there's only one assurance: Time is a gift, and Sophie and Wes don't intend on wasting any of it.

updated 2012-12-23

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