The Gap into Vision: Forbidden Knowledge (The Gap Series, #2)
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The Gap into Vision: Forbidden Knowledge

by Stephen R. Donaldson
Release date: 1991
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionspace opera

First Stephen R. Donaldson gave us The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the critically acclaimed and wildly popular fantasy series that established this master storyteller as one of today's most insightful novelists. Then came The Gap into Conflict: The Real Story, the suspenseful beginning of a brand-new science fiction series. Now the story continues in an even more powerful tale of dark passions, perilous alliances, and dubious heroism.


Morn Hyland, United Mining Companies police officer, is beautiful, brilliant, dedicated, and dangerous. Two ruthless men think they can possess her, but Morn is no one's victim, no one's pawn.

Charismatic ore-pirate Nick Succorso, for example, sees Morn as booty wrested from his vicious colleague, Angus Thermopyle. But he soon finds himself engaged in a deadly power struggle with the supposedly helpless captive, as she strives to retain her identity, her integrity, and ultimately her life. Angus Thermopyle, too, once made the mistake of underestimating Morn, and he is about to pay the ultimate price – by falling prey to the twisted aims of the very authorities he has battled since boyhood.

And beyond them all, within the borders of Forbidden Space, wait the Amnion, an alien race embodying all that humanity knows of horror, a race capable of transforming humans into mutated, unrecognizable forms. The Amnion want something from the human race – and will go to unthinkable lengths to get it.

In Forbidden Knowledge, Stephen R. Donaldson spins a galaxywide web of intrigue that entangles Morn, Nick, Angus, the UMCP, and even the Amnion in loops of deception and betrayal that none of them can escape – and that tightens with inexorable strength around characters and readers alike.

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