Thunder Rift
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Thunder Rift

by Matthew Farrell
Release date: 2001
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionspace opera

After Thunder was chaos. The energy output of the inexplicable alien artifact that humans called Thunder Rift shattered the fragile links that held Earth's highly technological society together. And the only world young Taria Spears knew fell violently to pieces.

Thirty years later, the adult Taria - an anthropologist - has seen the planet renewed and the true nature of Thunder Rift revealed. An artificially constructed "wormhole," it was created to provide human beings with a bridge to somewhere else in the galaxy... or as an open door for an invading alien fleet.

Joining the crew of the exploratory ship Lightbringer, Taria is venturing into the wormhole on a mission of knowledge, contact and, possibly, survival. What awaits her on the other side is a destiny too powerful to deny - and a perplexing alien culture that thrives in a strange aural landscape, where what is seen is meaningless... and where devastating truths lie in silence.

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