A Thousand Deaths

George Alec Effinger
science fiction, collection, short stories
A Thousand Deaths - George Alec Effinger

This volume of science fiction thrillers contains a novel and seven short stories centered on the semi-autobiographical character Sandor Courane. The collection’s feature novel, The Wolves of Memory, paints a world where Earth’s governing body, the Representatives, has relinquished control to an increasingly intelligent and self-aware computer known as TECT. Deemed a social misfit and banished from Earth to Planet D for his inability to fall in line, Sandor finds the new planet’s idyllic environment and fulfilling lifestyle to his liking — at first. Upon discovering that all of the inhabitants of Planet D succumb to an insidious, debilitating disease, Sandor embarks on a race against time to discover the meaning behind Planet D, the motives of TECT, and the mysterious malady. Utilizing a unique approach with the use of flashbacks, this powerful story, with poignant and sardonic tones, is a heartrending display of one man’s pain and absolution.


  • Editor's Notes and Acknowledgments by Marty Halpern
  • Introduction by Mike Resnick
  • The Wolves of Memory (a novel)
  • Fatal Disk Error
  • In the Wings
  • From the Desk Of
  • The Wicked Old Witch
  • Mango Red Goes to War
  • The Thing from the Slush
  • Posterity
  • Afterword by Andrew Fox
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Release date: 2007
Genres: science fiction, collection, short stories
Updated: January 18, 2017

Sandor Courane :: Series

The Wolves of Memory
A Thousand Deaths