Weavers of War

by David B. Coe
Release date: February 2007
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Weavers of War brings Winds of the Forelands to a powerful climax.
After nine-hundred years of peace, war has again erupted between the magical Qirsi and their Eandi masters. After the failed Qirsi uprising nearly a millennium ago, the Eandi thought they could prevent another bloody conflict by making sure no Qirsi Weaver was born, a sorcerer powerful enough to wield many magics and worse, weave together others’ magics into a fearsomely powerful weapon.
But now a Weaver has come to power. For years he worked secretly, with assassins, spies, and traitors to create deep resentments and suspicions among the lords of the land. He has even divided his own people, for while all feel oppressed, even the Weaver’s most loyal collaborators fear his anger and the bitter lash of his punishment when they disappoint him.
In the chaos of a war which is sundering the land, only Grinsa, a humble fortuneteller, stands against the growing dark power of the Weaver’s ever-advancing horde.  But Grinsa has battled the Weaver once before and lost, barely avoiding a magical killing blow. With the fate of the Forelands resting on his shoulders, he must step into the breach again, facing the near certainty of his own death, and the loss of all he holds dear.

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