by David B. Coe
Release date: 2000
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

The winds of war are blowing through the fast-changing land of Tobyn-Ser. This peaceful land of verdant forests is being ravaged by those who are destroying its natural beauty in the name of "progress".

Jaryd, a young, powerfully gifted mage fulfills an ancient prophesy that heralds war when he binds to an eagle, becoming and Eagle-Sage. But which of the Mage-Craft's many enemies will they fight in the coming conflict?

Across the water, unrest is growing in the Nals of Lon-Ser. Melyor, a street-smart woman with her own magic, who rose from nothing to become ruler, struggles to bring peace with Tobyn-Ser. But her efforts make her a pariah in a land with a long history of deadly coups.

It will be up to Jaryd and Melyor to avert war. But can even these two young leaders keep their lands from falling into chaos as they seek to stave off the winds of war?

updated 2016-11-29

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