Ashes of Angels

by Michele Hauf
Ashes of Angels (Of Angels and Demons #3) by Michele Hauf 8.00   1

As a muse, Cassandra Stevens had been warned of the Fallen angel who'd one day come to impregnate her with a nephilim, an evil offspring. But no one could have foreseen that Samandriel — the raven-haired, silver-winged Fallen one — would sweep her off her feet.

Against all good sense, Sam stirred her suppressed desires, yet for her own sake she dared not arouse his carnal ones. For Sam had been summoned to earth by a dark vampire lord. And more Fallen were on their way. Despite the dangers, Cassandra needed Sam by her side, for only together could they prevent the apocalypse that had been unleashed…

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Release date July 19, 2011
Details updated December 15, 2016

Of Angels and Demons

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

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Ashes of Angels (Of Angels and Demons #3) 8.00   1