Rage of the Dragon (Dragonships of Vindras #3) - Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman 6.36   14
The action-packed third book in the Dragonships series from New York Times bestselling authors Weis and Hickman

Skylan Ivorson is the Chief of Chiefs of all Vindras clans. But the gods from whom the Vindrasi draw their earth-dwelling power are besieged by a new generation of gods who are challenging them for the powers of “creation." The only way to stop these brash interlopers lies within the Five Bones of the Vektan Dragons – the five primal dragons forged during the creation of the world – whose whereabouts are a mystery even to the gods.

With the Gods of the New Dawn amassing a vast army, Skylan finds allies in former enemies. Calling upon the ogres to fight their common enemies, the Vindrasi soon find themselves in the middle of an an even larger war. Skylan and his Vindrasi clan must sail the Sea of Tears into the heart of the Forbidden Empire of the Cyclops, instigating a cunning, yet delicate plan that risks his life and leadership at every corner. But a new enemy lies deep in the sea, one who draws upon powers never harnessed by the land dwellers.

Master worldbuilders Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, who have entertained generations of fans with the Dragonlance series and the Death Gate Cycle, prove they're on the top of their game.

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Release date April 19, 2012
Details updated July 2, 2022

Dragonships of Vindras :: Series

Series contains 4 primary works and has 4 total works.

From New York Times bestselling authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, the Dragonships of Vindras series is an epic fantasy filled with heroes and heroines, spanning locales of exotic adventure in a magic-forged world of dragons and gods that fully illustrates the mastery of this legendary writing team’s world-building and storytelling.

Bones of the Dragon (Dragonships of Vindras #1) 6.24   38
Secret of the Dragon (Dragonships of Vindras #2) 6.82   17
Rage of the Dragon (Dragonships of Vindras #3) 6.36   14
Doom of the Dragon (Dragonships of Vindras #4) 9.00   1

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