The Trumpet of the Swan

E. B. White
fantasy, childrens
The Trumpet of the Swan - E. B. White

Original edition illustrated by Edward Frascino. New edition illustrated by Fred Marcellino.

Louis is a Trumpeter Swan, but he has no voice. Though he is frightened when his father explains to him that he is different from the other cygnets, Louis is resourceful and determined. Leaving his wild and beautiful home, he finds a young human friend, Sam Beaver, who helps him learn to read and write. When he returns to his lake, Louis discovers his education isn't enough: The beautiful swan he loves, Serena, can't read his declarations of love — and he can't trumpet them. Louis's resolution to win the swan of his desire launches him on an adventure that will take him far from home and lead where fate — and love — have a few surprises in store.

With humor and lyric beauty, E.B. White tells a timeless tale of love, courage, and freedom that will capture the imagination of every listener.

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Release date: 1970
Genres: fantasy, childrens
Average rating: 10.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: August 24, 2021


10/10 |
August 03, 2012
Truly an amazing book on adventure, love, friendship, and fantasy. I first read this book when I was a kid and was my favorite of all E.B. White's books. The story is simple and easy to read with likeable characters. Definitely a good book for kids.