Dark Dreams, Pale Horses

by Rio Youers
Dark Dreams, Pale Horses (PS Showcase #10) - Rio Youers N/A

Cover art by David Gentry. Introduction by Brian Keene.

Dark Dreams: A plague decimates South America, and an infected survivor is hunted through the shanties of Rio de Janeiro; an asteroid strikes central Australia, triggering waves of unspeakable horror; a pink Cadillac, full of screams, rumbles toward the Promised Land.

Pale Horses: A girl dreams of escaping her black and white life, into a Technicolor world where she is the star; the Shepherd of Souls keeps vigil over a dying child, while civilization clings to faith on the edge of a ruined world; an elderly lady recalls her wondrous childhood, in a present where the walls are too close, and reality uncertain.

In his debut collection, Rio Youers presents six stories — glimpses of worlds, and lives, fraught with pain, love, and hope — where the things we trust are often fractured, and where the darkest places sometimes hold the brightest lights.


  • Pure
  • This is the Summer of Love
  • The Ghost of Lillian Bliss
  • Chrysalis
  • Alice Bleeding
  • Promised Land Blues

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Release date September 2011
Details updated July 24, 2022

PS Showcase :: Series

Series contains 11 primary works and has 11 total works.

PS Showcase is a series of short story mini-collections from some of genre fiction's best up-and-coming writers.

Publisher: PS Publishing.

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