Reave the Just and Other Tales
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Reave the Just and Other Tales

by Stephen R. Donaldson
Release date: October 1998
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, short stories
Tags: world fantasy award

World Fantasy Award 2000.

Stephen R. Donaldson is known for weaving brilliant tales of worlds so real, they come vividly to life. His unique talents have placed his work among J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle Earth stories, Frank Herbert's Dune trilogy, and C. S. Lewis's classic Chronicles of Narnia – and established him as a writer with the rare ability to expand readers' imaginations as he deepens their understanding of the human spirit.

This magnificent new collection of eight stories and novellas – three of which have never been published – commences with the exceptional title story, ”Reave the Just.” This fablelike masterpiece entertains as it deftly highlights one of the major themes in all of Donaldson's work: the innate and extraordinary power of the individual to overcome adversity. ”The Killing Stroke” concerns perhaps the ultimate quest for meaning and honor, as three warriors desperately attempt to escape a doorless room, a war between mages, and even death.

The morbid, soul-taking hero of ”Penance” and the mysterious beggar woman in the dark fairy tale ”The Woman Who Loved Pigs” are both plagued by the double-edged sword of love. And a pampered antihero is forced to make a choice between virtue and vice in ”The Djinn Who Watches Over the Accursed.” Boasting exotic settings and suspense fueled by sudden plot twists, the stories in this must-have anthology feature martial arts, the perils of wizardry, and the exploits of imperfect heroes embarking on marvelous quests.

Most of all, Reave the Just and Other Tales is a testament to the astonishing scope of Stephen R. Donaldson's mastery of magic and myth, as well as his talent to spin unforgettably spellbinding stories. A lavish reading experience for his many fans and a superb introduction for readers just discovering him, this collection beautifully does something that only the very best fiction can: inspires readers to dream the most fabulous dreams.


  • Introduction
  • Reave the Just (1992)
  • The Djinn Who Watches Over the Accursed (1985)
  • The Killing Stroke (1998)
  • The Kings of Tarshish Shall Bring Gifts (1995)
  • Penance (1998)
  • The Woman Who Loved Pigs (1993)
  • What Makes Us Human (1984)
  • By Any Other Name (1998)
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