Conjure Wife / Our Lady of Darkness

Fritz Leiber
fantasy, horror, collection
Conjure Wife / Our Lady of Darkness - Fritz Leiber

This book is an omnibus edition of Conjure Wife and Our Lady of Darkness.

Conjure Wife

Witchcraft. Norman Saylor considered it nothing but superstition, until he learned that his own wife was a practicing sorceress. Even still, he refuses to accept the truth that every woman knows... that in the secret occult warfare that governs our lives, witchcraft is a matter of life and death.

Our Lady of Darkness

Middle-aged San Francisco horror writer Franz Westen is rediscovering ordinary life following a long alcoholic binge. The one day, peering at his apartment window from a top a nearby hill, he sees a pale, brown thing lean out his window... and wave.

This encounter sends Westen on a quest through ancient books and modern streets, for the dark forces and paramental entities that thrive amidst the towering skyscrapers... and, meanwhile, the entities are also looking for him.

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Release date: 1991
Genres: fantasy, horror, collection
Updated: August 15, 2021