The Demon Assassin (Hell's Underground #2) - Alan Gibbons

Having once risked everything precious to him to halt King Lud's progress from the ancient bowels of London to the city's modern streets, teenage Paul Rector knows his task is far from over. Paul also knows that, like his brother John and his great uncle Harry, he is both demon and man. Will it be fate that decides which side wins out? To find out, Paul takes Hell's Underground back to London of the Blitz in World War II and becomes involved in defeating Harry Rector's plot to assassinate Prime Minister Churchill. His main weapons are fire and fear. Along the way, he learns more about the Rector curse and once again endangers not only his own life, but that of the people he comes to regard as a second family.

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Release date: 2008
Genres: horror, young adult
Updated: August 20, 2021

Hell's Underground :: Series

Paul Rector is an ordinary schoolboy when the bodies start to turn up on the streets of East London. Somebody is duplicating the Jack the Ripper murders. Strangely, there are no marks on the bodies. It is as if they have been scared to death.

As Paul starts to follow this baffling case something stirs inside him, a sense of recognition... and disturbance. Somehow his destiny and that of the Ripper are entwined. So begins a terrifying journey into the dark heart of London.
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