Vampyr Legion (The Legendeer #2) - Alan Gibbons

What if there are places where our nightmares live and wait for us? Phoenix has found one and it's alive. Armies of bloodsucking vampyrs and terrifying werewolves, the creatures of our darkest dreams, are poised to invade our world. After his battle with the evil Gamesmaster in Shadow of the Minotaur, Phoenix knows this is for real. As he prepares to enter the second deadly computer game in The Legendeer series, he knows he must win or never come back.

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Release date: 2000
Genres: fantasy, young adult
Updated: September 02, 2021

The Legendeer :: Series

The Legendeer Trilogy
Shadow of the Minotaur (The Legendeer #1)
Vampyr Legion (The Legendeer #2)
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