A Fortress of Grey Ice (Sword of Shadows, #2)
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A Fortress of Grey Ice

by J. V. Jones
Release date: April 2002
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

"Fabulous... a trilogy which is sure to take readers everywhere by storm." – SFX

J. V. Jones lives up to that praise in her new, highly charged epic adventure of Ash March and Raif Sevrance, two outcasts whose fates are entwined by ancient prophecies and need, in the cold, dark world that threatens to be torn asunder by a war to end all wars. Isolated by their birthrights, they are but two who fight the dreaded Endlords, but both Ash and Raif are special in unique ways that isolate them, and their strength and courage will be needed if the world is to be saved from darkness.

Raif, wrongly accused and cut off from his clan by the treachery of their new headsman, has a talent for killing that is part of his curse and his burden. He also bears another burden of greater weight.

Ash is a sacred warrior to the Sull, an ancient race whose numbers have declined. Raised as a foundling, never knowing her true history, she must learn to accept the terrible gifts of her heritage.

As Ash learns more of her greater fate, Raif's task looms dark and desperate, for he must journey through the nightmare realm of the Want, a place where even the Sull now fear to tread. For deep within the Want is the Fortress of Grey Ice, and there he must heal the breach in the Blindwall that already threatens the world. Should he fail, not even Ash's powers can save them...

updated 2015-01-12

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A Fortress of Grey Ice is the second book of the Sword of Shadows series. I enjoyed reading this book just as much as I enjoyed reading A Cavern of Black Ice. In my opinion A Fortress of Grey Ice is great fantasy entertainment. I can recommend this book to everybody, who likes good fantasy stories.
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