The Red Knight (The Traitor Son Cycle, #1)
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The Red Knight

by Miles Cameron
Release date: October 23, 2012
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

David Gemmell Morningstar Award nominee 2013.

Forget George and the Dragon.

Forget fancy knights and daring deeds.

This is for real.

This is bloody dirty work.

Twenty-eight florins a month is a huge price to pay, for a man to stand between you and the Wild.

Twenty-eight florins a month is nowhere near enough when a wyvern’s jaws snap shut on your helmet in the hot stink of battle, and the beast starts to rip your head from your shoulders. But if standing and fighting is hard, leading a company of men against the smart, deadly creatures of the Wild is even harder.

It requires all the advantages of birth, training, and the luck of the devil, to do it.

The Red Knight has all three, he has youth on his side, and he’s determined to turn a profit. So when he hires his company of mercenaries out to protect an Abbess and her nunnery it’s just another job. The abbey is rich, the nuns are pretty and the monster preying on them is nothing he can’t deal with.

Only it’s not just a job. It’s going to be a war...

updated 2017-01-17

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ill admit i struggled to get into this book. the first chapters seemed long and the transition between characters and events was confusing but was i was able to get into the story the chapters and transitions made more sence. the battles and events were well planned out and a joy to read with none of the normal predictible battle evenets. the newish trend of anti heroes was well used and loved for main character for it. my 7month wait for the 2nd book is close to over and i cant wait! sorry for spelling but you get the point
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