Dragon Queen Trilogy
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Dragon Queen Trilogy

by Emily Ryan-Davis
Release date: 2010
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, collection, romance

A collection of three stories:

  • Mating Call
  • Dragon Dance
  • Dragon Bound

Cora Phillips may have witchcraft in her blood, but she's convinced she inherited the recessive rather than the dominant trait. When Cora, through clumsy fumblings to "get in touch with her goddess", calls a pair of ancient dragons into her meditation circle, she swears the summons was a mistake.

Mistake or not, two dragons and their keepers gather to answer her mating call.

She quickly learns neither dragon keepers nor dragons are willing to share. As dangerous, beautiful Salim Aridi and his rival Greg Cho set out to claim her she finds herself embroiled in sinister schemes and dangerous power plays. Caught between the dragonkeepers and their legendary aspects, she does the only thing she can and flees the complicated steps of the dragon dance.

Escape is short-lived. Before long, the dragons demonstrate just how meaningless human distance really is and return to remind Cora that dragon ties are not so easily broken.

Deceptions begin to unravel as Cora attempts to disentangle herself from family and lovers in order to pursue the truth of what she is, accept the reality of what she must be, and become dragon bound.

updated 2011-10-07

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