Dark Days (Skulduggery Pleasant #4) - Derek Landy 8.78   72

It's the fourth Skulduggery Pleasant adventure! only Skulduggery Pleasant himself is lost on the other side of a portal, with only some evil gods for company. Can he possible survive? (Yes, all right, he's already dead. But still.) Skulduggery Pleasant is gone, sucked into a parallel dimension overrun by the Faceless Ones. If his bones haven't already been turned to dust, chances are he's insane, driven out of his mind by the horror of the ancient gods. There is no official, Sanctuary-approved rescue mission. There is no official plan to save him. But Valkyrie's never had much time for plans. The problem is, even if she can get Skulduggery back, there might not be much left for him to return to. There's a gang of villains bent on destroying the Sanctuary, there are some very powerful people who want Valkyrie dead, and as if all that wasn't enough it looks very likely that a sorcerer named Darquesse is going to kill the world and everyone on it. Skulduggery is gone. All our hopes rest with Valkyrie. The world's weight is on her shoulders, and its fate is in her hands. These are dark days indeed.

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Release date 2010
Details updated August 24, 2022

Skulduggery Pleasant :: Series

Series contains 14 primary works and has 17 total works.

The novels in this young adult dark fantasy series cross the horror, comedy, mystery, and fantasy genres.

Skulduggery Pleasant (Skulduggery Pleasant #1) 7.92   184
Playing with Fire (Skulduggery Pleasant #2) 7.86   124
The Faceless Ones (Skulduggery Pleasant #3) 8.40   89
Dark Days (Skulduggery Pleasant #4) 8.78   72
Mortal Coil (Skulduggery Pleasant #5) 8.40   53
Death Bringer (Skulduggery Pleasant #6) 7.80   5
Kingdom of the Wicked (Skulduggery Pleasant #7) 7.60   5
Last Stand of Dead Men (Skulduggery Pleasant #8) 8.50   2
The Dying of the Light (Skulduggery Pleasant #9) 8.50   2
Resurrection (Skulduggery Pleasant #10) 8.00   1
Midnight (Skulduggery Pleasant #11) 8.00   1
Bedlam (Skulduggery Pleasant #12) 8.00   1
Seasons of War (Skulduggery Pleasant #13) 8.00   1
Dead or Alive (Skulduggery Pleasant #14) 8.00   1
The End of the World 6.00   1
The Maleficent Seven 8.00   1
Armageddon Outta Here 9.00   1

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