The Wizard & The Warlord (The Wardstone Trilogy, #3)
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The Wizard & The Warlord

by M. R. Mathias
Release date: July 2012
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy

The Wizard and the Warlord

The Wizard and the Warlord is the gripping conclusion to the epic trilogy that M. R. Mathias wrote in a Texas prison. This compelling volume brings the elves, dwarves, giants, and the dragons into the story again as our heroes, led by High King Mikahl and the great wizard Hyden Hawk, are forced to fight for the fate of the Kingdoms. This time, they do so against the terrible creature that Gerard Skyler has become, and the legions of demon-beasts at his command.

From M.R. Mathias:

"This is the CONCLUSION to The Wardstone Trilogy. It has taken me several years and a lot of sleepless nights to complete this grand work. When I decided to become a writer I gave it my all, from the moment I put the inkpen to paper in prison, to the new epic I am halfway through writing now. I hope you like reading Wardstone as much as I enjoyed writing it and bringing it to fruition. You may see some of these characters and locals again, but the story of Claret and mighty Ironspike comes to its magnificent end here. Enjoy the journey, M.R."

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Book review: 2 Treasure Boxes Hyden Hawk knows he must defeat The Warlord, even if this evil creature was once his brother. The Dragon Queen was defeated but she is not gone. The Warlord can use her body as a tool to reach into the world. The Elves realize it is time to stop hiding and instead they must help the humans defeat this evil before it annihilates the world. The Warlord and his minions are extremely powerful, but can the High King and Hyden Hawk, with the help of the Elves, Giants, ... (more)
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