The Ellimist Chronicles

K. A. Applegate
science fiction, childrens
The Ellimist Chronicles - K. A. Applegate

Note! The introduction of this books shows that the Ellimist is telling his story to Rachel, foreshadowing the events of the final book of the series.

He is called the Ellimist. A being with the ability to alter space and time. A being with a power that will never be fully understood. He is the reason Elfangor came to Earth. He is the reason the Earth now has a fighting chance. And though his actions never seem quite right or wrong, you can be certain they are never, ever what anyone expects.

This is the beginning and the middle of the story. A story that needs to be told in order to understand what might happen to the future. The future of the Animorphs. The future of humanity. The future of Earth.

He is called the Ellimist. And this is his story...

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Release date: 2000
Genres: science fiction, childrens
Updated: December 19, 2011