The Woman Who Married a Cloud

by Jonathan Carroll
The Woman Who Married a Cloud by Jonathan Carroll 7.50   2

“A gorgeous, frightening, imaginative, loving, unsettling, funny, thought provoking novel. It is a page-turner par excellence” — Stephen King on Bones of the Moon

“A fabulous leap from your world into one of transcendent wonder and horror” — Stanislaw Lem

Described by Michael Dirda in The Washington Post as “sexy, eery and addictive”, the fiction of Jonathan Carroll occurs at the point where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, the commonplace becomes unsettling, and yet where we nonetheless always recognize the stories being told because they are always about ourselves and what happens in our deepest, sometimes darkest hearts.

Always better known as a novelist — readers first experienced Carroll’s elegant, eloquent, wondrous, terrible and often surreal fiction in his classic debut The Land of Laughs, which he followed with Bones of the Moon, Sleeping in Flame, A Child Across the Sky, and others — Carroll has also created a compelling and deeply moving body of short fiction. Perhaps more eclectic and slant-wise than some of his novels, stories like World Fantasy Award winning “Friend’s Best Man” and Pushcart Prize and Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire honouree “Home on the Rain” stand amongst his very best work.

The Woman Who Married a Cloud: Collected Stories is the best and most complete collection of Jonathan Carroll’s fiction ever published. It collects 37 stories written across a thirty year long career, a number appearing here in print for the first time, in a single landmark volume that stands as the perfect introduction to this unique and wonderful writer.

Table of Contents:

  • Mr. Fiddlehead
  • Uh-Oh City
  • Second Snow
  • The Fall Collection
  • Friend’s Best Man
  • The Sadness of Detail
  • Waiting to Wave
  • The Jane Fonda Room
  • A Quarter Past You
  • My Zoondel
  • Learning to Leave
  • The Panic Hand
  • A Bear in the Mouth
  • Postgraduate
  • Tired Angel
  • The Dead Love You
  • Florian
  • The Life of My Crime
  • A Wheel in the Desert, the Moon on Some Swings
  • A Flash in the Pants
  • Black Cocktail
  • Crimes of the Face
  • Fish in a Barrel
  • A Gravity Thief
  • The Great Walt of China
  • The Stolen Church
  • Alone Alarm
  • Asleep in Wolf’s Clothing
  • The Language of Heaven
  • The Heidelberg Cylinder
  • Elizabeth Thug
  • Home on the Rain
  • Vedran
  • Water Can’t Be Nervous
  • East of Furious
  • Nothing to Declare
  • The Woman Who Married a Cloud

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Release date June 2012
Details updated July 1, 2012
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