The Blind Worm

by Brian Stableford
Release date: 1970
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

Bizarre struggles for power consumed the mutated inhabitants of Earth, a planet whose oceans had dried into salt beds and whose densely vegetated plains had become the impregnable entity the Wildland. The black king, John Tamerlane, black of body and of blood, was the first to claim Earth. But Sum, a powerful aggregate mind, controlled Earth through the Wildland, and sought to keep it as the base of its universe. Only a demon's price would pry the prize from Sum. And only the Blind Worm, a massive, misfit creation of a deranged mind, could satisfy Sum's demands. Viciously they battled throughout time and the universe - pseudo-man and animal-machine. Their quest was Earth, but they were willing to ravage even that for power.
(updated 2017-01-16)

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