Bound in Darkness

Bound #2 / 5
by Cynthia Eden
Bound in Darkness (Bound #2) - Cynthia Eden N/A


When it comes to killing vampires, werewolf Cade Thain is the best slayer in the Northwest. So when a witch hires him to take out a pureblood vamp, the assassin thinks it will be just business as usual. One less vicious vamp on the streets... one more undead parasite gone from the earth. Then he meets her.


Allison Gray isn’t the prey that Cade expects. Beautiful, innocent, she stirs a dark desire within him. Allison hasn’t transformed fully into a vampire, not yet, and it’s Cade’s job to make sure that she never does. Allison thinks that he’s at her side to keep her safe, but Cade is supposed to pick the right moment — and kill her.


Killing Allison is soon the last thing that Cade plans. As she begins the transformation that will turn her into a vampire, her bloodlust and their desire merge in an explosion of need that neither can control. But Allison’s enemies are closing in, and the coming battle will take Cade and Allison beyond life, beyond love... and into a deadly darkness that waits to claim them both.

Bound in Darkness.

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Release date 2011
Details updated August 1, 2022

Bound :: Series

Series contains 5 primary works and has 5 total works.

Bound by Blood (Bound #1) 6.00   1
Bound in Darkness (Bound #2) N/A
Bound in Sin (Bound #3) N/A
Bound by the Night (Bound #4) N/A
Bound in Death (Bound #5) N/A