An Apprentice to Elves

by Sarah Monette, Elizabeth Bear
An Apprentice to Elves (The Iskryne Series #3) by Sarah Monette, Elizabeth Bear 8.00   1

“[Bear and Monette] have boldly created a fascinating world that begs further exploration.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review, on A Companion to Wolves

Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear return with the third book in their Iskryne trilogy, An Apprentice to Elves. The trilogy began with A Companion to Wolves, and continued in The Tempering of Men. This novel picks up the story of Alfgyfa, a young woman who has been raised in the Wolfhall by her father, Isolfr.

The warrior culture of Iskryne forbids many things to women — and most especially it forbids them bonding to one of the giant telepathic trelwolves. But as her father was no ordinary boy, Alfgyfa is no ordinary girl. Her father has long planned to send his daughter to Tin, a matriarch among the elves who live nearby, to be both apprentice and ambassador, and now she is of age to go.

Also known as A Companion to Wolves Book 3.

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Release date October 10, 2015
Details updated October 10, 2015

The Iskryne Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

The people of the Northlands live a perilous, marginal existence. Their land is cold and sparse, beset by trolls, and they share it with the inhuman, martial svartalfar. But they do have one advantage: the alliance between the wolfcarls and their enormous, telepathic wolves.

A Companion to Wolves (The Iskryne Series #1) 6.66   3
The Tempering of Men (The Iskryne Series #2) 8.00   2
An Apprentice to Elves (The Iskryne Series #3) 8.00   1