One Way Street and Other Tales

Jerome Bixby
science fiction, short stories
One Way Street and Other Tales (Masters of Science Fiction, #2)

New classic sci-fi short story collections in extra large (8" by 5.25") paperback size. "Masters of Science Fiction, Vol. Two" features the works of Jerome Bixby, who was one of the best known sci-fi authors of the twentieth century. Not just an exceptional short story writer, Jerome Bixby was also editor of the pulp magazine favorite, “Planet Stories,” from 1950 to 1951. In the 1960’s he added screenwriting to his list of achievements. “It’s a Good Life” was used in the original “Twilight Zone” series. He also wrote four “Star Trek” episodes and it was his distinct imagination that initiated the “mirror universe” concept. This eclectic collection is a wonderful example of Bixby’s wide range creativity.


  • Small War
  • Laboratory
  • Can Such Beauty Be?
  • The Holes Around Mars
  • Where There's Hope
  • And All for One
  • Good Dog
  • Nightride and Sunrise
  • The Second Ship
  • The Bad Life
  • Zen
  • Mirror, Mirror
  • Halfway to Hell
  • Angels in the Jets
  • Battle of the Bells
  • One Way Street
  • The Slizzers
  • The Monsters
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Release date: 2011
Genres: science fiction, short stories
Updated 2017-01-16