BOOKLIST: "This coming-of-age epic maintains its dramatic tension from the first scene. Vandervort imbues each of the novel's scenes with a fine sense of historical detail, from costumes to courtly behavoir, even as she builds a plausible world of magic... Vandervort's dynamic characters, surprising story turns, and unabashed romance will leave readers eager to follow the continued adventures of this sword-wielding princess."

The Song and the Sorceress, by Kim Vandervort, the first book in the series: Journey with nineteen-year-old Ki'leah Alrhiane Del'Sivahr, who flees an isolated life as High Princess of Si'vad to escape an arranged marriage and run away with the Palace Bard. When he fails to meet her, fate sweeps Ki'leah into an alliance with a band of men and women known as the Fey-Velahr. Despite her doubts and inadequacies, Ki'leah soon discovers that she is a useful accessory to the quest, a vital member - for she alone possesses information, carefully guarded within the lore of her royal ancestors, that could unlock the mystery....

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Release date: 2009
Genres: fantasy > high fantasy
Average rating: 5/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated 2017-01-18