"Action-filled." - BOOKLIST

The Northern Queen: The sequel to Kim Vandervort's critically-acclaimed first novel, The Song and the Sorceress.

Two short years have passed since Princess Ki'leah Alrhiane Del'Sivahr solved the ancient riddle that prevented Lyarra Val'rahimir from gaining a dangerous foothold on Si'vad - hardly enough time to prepare for the responsibilities of ruling a kingdom. Nevertheless, with her mother ailing from the same illness that felled her father, Ki'leah must assume her birthright as Queen of Si'vad. When evidence reaches her of an ancient threat gathering on her southern border, Ki'leah is forced to make a difficult and dangerous choice: one that could irrevocably alter the futures of everything - and everyone - she holds dear.

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Release date: 2010
Genres: fantasy > high fantasy
Updated 2016-12-15