The Dragon Men

Steven Harper
fantasy, alternate history > steampunk
The Dragon Men (Clockwork Empire #3) - Steven Harper

As China prepares to become the ultimate power in an era of extraordinary invention and horror, Alice Michaels’ fate lies inside the walls of the forbidden kingdom…

Gavin Ennock has everything a man could desire — except time. As the clockwork plague consumes his body and mind, it drives him increasingly mad and fractures his relationship with his fiancée, Alice, Lady Michaels. Their only hope is that the Dragon Men of China can cure him.

But a power-mad general has seized the Chinese throne in a determined offensive to conquer Asia, Britain — indeed, the entire world. He has closed the country’s borders to all foreigners. The former ruling dynasty, however, is scheming to return the rightful heir to power. Their designs will draw Gavin and Alice down a treacherous path strewn with intrigue and power struggles. One wrong step will seal Gavin’s fate… and determine the future of the world.

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Release date: November 2012
Genres: fantasy, alternate historysteampunk
Updated: January 17, 2017