Crackpot Palace - Jeffrey Ford

From the unparalleled imagination of award-winning author Jeffrey Ford come twenty short stories (one, "The Wish Head," written expressly for this collection) that boldly redefine the world.

Crackpot Palace is a sumptuous feast of the unexpected — an unforgettable journey that will carry readers to amazing places, though at times the locales may seem strangely familiar, almost like home.

Whether he's tracking ghostly events on the border of New Jersey's mysterious Pine Barrens or following a well-equipped automaton general into battle, giving a welcome infusion of new blood to the hoary vampire trope or exposing the truth about what really went down on Dr. Moreau's Island of Lost Souls, Jeffrey Ford has opened a door into a dark and fantastic realm where dream and memory become one.


  • Introduction
  • Polka dots and Moonbeams
  • Down Atsion Road
  • Sit the Dead
  • The Seventh Expression of the Robot General
  • 86 Deathdick Road
  • After Moreau
  • The Hag's Peak Affair
  • The Coral Heart
  • The Double of My Double Is Not My Double
  • Daltharee
  • Ganesha
  • Every Richie There Is
  • The Dream of Reason
  • The War Between Heaven and Hell Wallpaper
  • Relic
  • Glass Eels
  • The Wish Head
  • Weiroot
  • Dr. Lash Remembers
  • Daddy Long Legs of the Evening
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Release date: August 9, 2012
Genres: fantasy, short stories
Updated: September 02, 2021