Rivals and Retributions

by Shannon Delany
Release date: August 2, 2012
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult

Marlaena’s pack puts more pressure on the Rusakova family with the kidnapping of Jessie and the surprise that comes from triggering the wolf side of Pietr once again. Alexi realizes the impact of Pietr’s change sooner than either Jessie or Pietr and rushes to find a permanent cure for the life sentence lycanthropy brings in hopes it will squelch an unexpected side-effect. But Gabriel is still not satisfied with his role in the pack and is determined that getting rid of Pietr permanently in his new and weakened state is the best way he can grab power in the pack.

Meanwhile at Junction High, the company’s meddling with the school food may have stopped but it doesn’t mean all of the kids the food triggered are suddenly without powers. With the enrollment of the rest of the pack’s pups, Counselor Harnek, Sophie and Jessie decide to try training the pups alongside the other powerful misfits. But Dmitri’s influence is far-reaching and even pacifist Gareth must make a dark decision or risk the destruction of everything he holds dear.

updated 2012-08-02

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