Heights of the Depths (The Hidden Earth Chronicles #2) - Peter David

The long wait is over.

In 2007, Hidden Earth: Darkness of the Light was released to critical acclaim. Terry Brooks said, "Darkness of the Light… is another quirky, intriguing, wonderful tale, filled with adventure and unexpected plot twists. No one else tells a story quite like Peter David does." Publisher’s Weekly wrote in a starred review, “Peter David (Knight Life) is a master at juggling multiple characters and plot lines... (and) breathes new life into some well-worn mythic tropes.” Booklist wrote, “An entertaining adventure whose cliff-hanger ending confirms that it launches a series.”

Indeed it did, and now the second volume — after a long, strange trip — is here.

The Earth of the future is not one you’d recognize. Creatures that had previously been thought simply myth — vampires, two-legged dragons, trolls, and nine other races — have overrun the planet and made it their own. Humanity is nearly extinct. But now the Twelve Races have discovered that their own fortunes are inextricably linked with the remnants of the human race.

As a result, a young slave girl named Jepp, who holds the key to the future of the world, is on her way to a fateful meeting with the most powerful creature on the face of the planet. Except the question isn’t what will happen when she gets there. The question is whether she’s going to make it there alive.

For fans of Darkness of the Light (newly available as a trade paperback and also, for the first time, as an eBook), Heights of the Depths introduces new races and answers questions about some of the previous ones, including the truth behind the mysterious Serabim, the dreaded Travelers, and even the Overseer himself. For newcomers, you are about to enter an exciting world that is both comfortably familiar… and disturbingly nightmarish.

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Release date: March 2, 2012
Genres: fantasy
Updated: August 22, 2021