Midst Toil and Tribulation

by David Weber
Midst Toil and Tribulation (Safehold #6) - David Weber 8.00   2

The hotly anticpaited sixth volume in the New York Times bestselling Safehold series.

After centuries of stasis, the island kingdom of Charis began to defy the edicts of the Church of God Awaiting - egged on, some say, by the mysterious warrior-monk Merlin Athawes. Now, in the wars and intrigues that have cascaded from Charis's declaration of independence, the populous Republic of Siddermark is sliding into chaos. Vicar Clytahn of the Church of God at harvest time.

King Cayleb of Charis, his queen Sharleyan, and Merlin Arthawes will have their hands full trying to stave off wholesale starvation in Siddermark while at the same time shipping in enough land combat units to fend off the "volunteers" from the Church's Temple Lands. And while Vicar Clyntahn is hailed in the Church for his boldness and audacity, there are those who remeber how dependent Church power is on money from Siddermark... and who wonder what will happen if Siddermark starves.

Bursting with vivid invention and the sweep of lived history, Midst Toil and Tribulation will build tis series' audience to a new level.

Category: Science Fiction

Release date September 13, 2012

Details updated June 23, 2022

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Safehold :: Series

Series contains 10 primary works and has 10 total works.

In this bestselling science fiction series, humans have fled from Earth, which their enemies, the Gbaba, have left in smoldering ruins. The few human survivors rebuild on the Earth-like planet of Safehold. But the Gbaba can detect the emissions of an industrial civilization, so the human rulers take extraordinary measures to keep Safehold society medieval forever.

But 800 years later, an android from the far human past awakens and learns her fate: to provoke technological progress that has been prevented for centuries.

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