Shadow of the Demon (The Prophecy of the Kings, #3)
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Shadow of the Demon

by David Burrows
Release date: 2010
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Astalus has returned bearing good news. He has found an Eldric spell book and, in particular, a spell to summon dragons. The allies march north to confront the Trosgarth's growing might, but the people of Trosgarth have been busy. Warrior priests can now communicate across the battlefield using their shaol, death knights have been resurrected, and in the air grakyn are supported by a new threat - a demon/dragon hybrid. To make matters worse, Astalus discovers that the power that Kaplyn and Vastra recovered so long ago can open a permanent gateway to the demon world. Drachar is finally free and he and all his minions will march from the very depths of hell. Astalus knows all of this through a demon that has possessed him. The army marches to its fate, unaware of the trap awaiting them. Prince Fiad leads them. Will he be the army's salvation or damnation? The men mutter, uncomfortable in the knowledge that, at the final battle, a king will not lead them against the tides of evil. Drachar is poised, his death knights ready to tear the army apart.

updated 2017-01-27

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