The Taggerung (Redwall, #14)
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The Taggerung

by Brian Jacques
Release date: 2001
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyanimal fantasy, young adult

In the fourteenth Redwall novel by New York Times bestselling author Brian Jacques, the clan of Sawney Rath kidnaps one of Redwall's own - a baby otter, who they believe is destined to become their Taggerung, the warrior hero of ancient legend. But as the young Taggerung grows, he rebels against his destiny and goes off in search of the place where he was born - a home he can barely remember. As Tagg journeys to distant lands, a member of Sawney's clan is close on his heels, out to destroy the deserter and to claim his own title as the new Taggerung. But Tagg finds a sure friend along the way, a feisty little mouse named Nimbalo. Can this rugged warrior help Tagg stave off the vermin, and find his way back to Redwall and to the family who lost him long ago?

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