Gods and Warriors (Gods and Warriors, #1)7.40

An action-packed new series set in the mysterious, dangerous Bronze Age

Young Hylas — goatherd, Outsider, thief — is hunted by powerful warriors who want him dead and have kidnapped his sister. Hylas is forced to flee his home, but not before a mysterious stranger gives him a bronze dagger.

While on the run, Hylas must use his skill and wits to survive a shipwreck and a great white shark attack, befriend a dolphin, and help Pirra, the runaway daughter of a High Priestess. Together with Pirra, the dolphin, and the valuable bronze sword, Hylas fights to discover why he’s being hunted and find his sister before the warriors find them.

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Release date: August 23, 2012
Genres: fantasy, young adult
Average rating: 7.40/10
Total ratings: 50
Updated 2017-01-18