American Elsewhere

by Robert Jackson Bennett
American Elsewhere - Robert Jackson Bennett N/A

Shirley Jackson Award 2013.

From the acclaimed author of Mr. Shivers and The Company Man comes a haunting tale of modern America.

Ex-cop Mona Bright has been living a hard couple of years on the road, but when her estranged father dies, she finds she's had a home all along: a little house her deceased mother once owned in Wink, New Mexico.

And though every map denies Wink exists, Mona finds they're wrong: not only is Wink real, it is the perfect American small town, somehow retaining all the Atomic Age optimism the rest of world has given up on.

But the closer Mona gets to understanding her mother's past, the more she begins to understand that the people in Wink are very, very different - and what's more, Mona begins to recognize her own bond to this strange place, which feels more like home every day.

Category: Fantasy Horror

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Release date February 8, 2013
Details updated May 26, 2022
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