Cinder (Blood Nation #2) - Derekica Snake N/A

I love a vampire...

But he is more broken than I. And even through the shards of our fragmented relationship, dangers are always present. My kind were being murdered, by whom, I did not know. And my new masters, the clandestine House of Assassins would not leave me be. Membership is not optional so I can never escape them.

But through it all, I listen to my father, my mentor, and his true words, Master your Flame, and you master your world.

Now I just have to live that long to do that.

Category: Fantasy Horror

Release date 2011

Details updated July 18, 2022

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Blood Nation :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

Cake (Blood Nation #1) N/A
Cinder (Blood Nation #2) N/A
Cinnamon (Blood Nation #3) 10.00   1