Rocket Science: Science Fiction and Non-Fiction

Ian Sales
science fiction, anthology, non-fiction
Rocket Science: Science Fiction and Non-Fiction - Ian Sales

Edited by Ian Sales.

Rocket Science is a collection of 17 original stories of hard science fiction, accompanied by 5 original non-fiction essays on space exploration.

In the spirit of Mutation's mission to add to bibliodiversity, the stories were selected by an open call for submissions.

The authors, selected from a range of nationalities, are a mixture of published fiction writers, professional astrophysicists and aerospace engineers.


  • Fiction:
    • Tell Me a Story - Leigh Kimmel
    • Fisher's Gambit - Stephen Gaskell
    • Final Orbit - Nigel Brown
    • Incarnate - Craig Pay
    • Dancing on the Red Planet - Berit Ellingsen
    • Pathfinders - Martin McGrath
    • A Biosphere Ends - Stephen Palmer
    • Slipping Sideways - Carmelo Rafala
    • Conquistadors - Iain Cairns
    • Going, Boldly - Helen Jackson
    • Why Barnaby isn't Aboard the ISS Today - Gary Cuba
    • Not Because They Are Easy - Sam S. Kepfield
    • The Taking of IOSA 2083 - C. J. Paget
    • The Brave Little Cockroach Goes to March - Simon McCaffery
    • Sea of Maternity - Deborah Walker
    • The New Tenant - Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon
    • Dreaming at Baikonur - Sean Martin
  • Non-fiction:
    • Launch Day - David L. Clements
    • Making Mars a Nicer Place, in Fiction... and Fact - Eric Choi
    • The Complexity of the Humble Spacesuit - Karen Burnham
    • A Ray of Sunshine - Bill Patterson
    • Waverider Entry Spacecraft: A History - Duncan Lunan
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Release date: 2012
Genres: science fiction, anthology, non-fiction
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Updated: June 23, 2022
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