Prince Thief

by David Tallerman
Release date: September 20, 2013
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Altapasaeda, capital of the Castoval, is about to be besieged by its own king - and where else would luckless, somewhat reformed thief Easie Damasco be but trapped within the city's walls? Faced with a war they can't win and a populace too busy fighting amongst itself to even try, the Castovalian defenders are left with one desperate option. Far in the northern lands of Shoan, rebels have set up the young prince Malekrin as a figurehead in their own quest to throw off the king's tyrannical rule. One way or another, the prince must be persuaded to join forces.

Once again, all hope lies with Damasco and his sticky-fingered approach to problem solving, along with his long suffering partner, the gentle giant Saltlick. But this time it's a human being that needs stealing, with his own desires and opinions, and events only grow more complicated as Damasco realises that he and the rebellious young prince have more in common that either would admit.

updated 2016-11-01

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