by Melanie Nilles
Metamorphosis - Melanie Nilles N/A

Three electronically published novellas in one collection now in ebook and paperback.

When Angels Cry:

Bound in a symbiosis to the entities of the Starfire crystal, Shartrael Padina is one of four Keepers protecting their power. When the Shirukan, elite soldiers of the Shirat Empire, attack, her mate is killed protecting her escape through a portal to Earth. There she must stay to protect her unborn child and the Starfire, but she hasn't escaped the Shirukan.

A Turn of Curses:

Nineteen year old Selina has a life many would love – praised, served, and spoiled. The only problem is she didn't choose that life, because it comes with a heavy price. She will soon die, like all Healers, when the mark of Y'dom completes its pattern around her neck, and hers is nearly complete. She has one chance for adventure, one that could save her life.

At The Water's Edge:

After falling overboard from her tour boat during a squall, Sara Adams wakes up on a deserted island in the Bermuda Triangle. However, the island isn’t as deserted as she first thinks. A handsome stranger brings her food that couldn’t possibly grow there; but he always disappears at night and when it rains. Ancient forces and her fear of the ocean stand in the way of satisfying her heart.

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Release date April 2012
Details updated July 10, 2022
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