The Causal Angel (Jean le Flambeur, #3)
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The Causal Angel

by Hannu Rajaniemi
Release date: July 10, 2014
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionspace opera

The spectacular follow-up to The Quantum Thief and The Fractal Prince — a high-velocity adventure in the post-human future

With his infectious love of storytelling in all its forms, his rich characterization and his unrivaled grasp of thrillingly bizarre cutting-edge science, Hannu Rajaniemi swiftly set a new benchmark for SF in the 21st century. Now, with his third novel, he completes the tale of the many lives, and minds, of gentleman rogue Jean de Flambeur.

Influenced as much by the fin de siècle novels of Maurice leBlanc as he is by the greats of SF, Rajaniemi weaves intricate, warm capers through dazzling science, extraordinary visions of a wild future,and deep conjectures on the nature of reality and story.

In The Causal Angel we will discover the ultimate fates of Jean, his employer Miele, the independently minded ship Perhonnen, and the rest of a fractured and diverse humanity flung throughout the solar system.

updated 2015-03-11

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I salute Rajaniemi for writing this series. Even though there are parts of the story I really don't understand (Some of the story's physics go sooo over my head), the journey with Jean de Flambeur has been truly worth of reading. Excellent scifi and intriguing tale!
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