Winterbirth (The Godless World #1) - Brian Ruckley5.34

The greatest tales are written in blood...

An uneasy truce exists between the thanes of the True Bloods.

Now, as another winter approaches, the armies of the Black Road march south from their exile beyond the Vale of Stones. For some, war will bring a swift and violent death. Others will not hear the clash of swords or see the corpses strewn over the fields. They instead will see an opportunity to advance their own ambitions. But soon, all will fall under the shadow that is descending.

For, while the storm of battle rages, one man is following a path that will awaken a terrible power in him – and his legacy will be written in blood.

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Release date: October 5, 2006
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Average rating: 5.34/10
Total ratings: 6
Updated: August 30, 2021

The Godless World :: Series

The Godless World trilogy is epic, heroic fantasy set in a world abandoned by its gods long ago. It tells of the resurgence of an old, unresolved conflict – the struggle between the True Bloods and the Black Road – and what happens when, amidst the renewal of that savage contest, another threat begins to emerge, one greater and darker than any the world has seen in centuries. As characters, both human and inhuman, on both sides of the struggle are caught up in events that spin further and further beyond their control, and their world begins to slip into bloody chaos, all must decide where their loyalties truly lie, and what price they are willing to pay to stay true to them.
Winterbirth (The Godless World #1)5.34
Bloodheir (The Godless World #2)7.26
Fall of Thanes (The Godless World #3)7.66


8/10 |
December 10, 2007
Winterbirth is an interesting and fascinating debut fantasy book. It's not a perfect fantasy book, but it's much better than certain new books. In my opinion Winterbirth has potential, so it's interesting to see how Brian Ruckley manages to ...